Neva Siberians


Welcome to SnowSymphony Siberians! Home of the blue eyed Neva colorpoint Siberian kittens.

Thank you for visiting our website. We offer the finest in Neva or high percentage colorpoint carrier Siberian kittens. Our babies are available to the best pet and show homes. They are raised with love and affection one litter at a time in Arizona, but can be delivered for a fee to California, Nevada, or Colorado. We do not ship kittens alone in crates. You are welcome to come and pick up your kitten.

If you are searching for a Siberian kitten, you have probably already read about their wonderful dog like personalities, intelligent and kind nature, hypoallergenic saliva and coats, and their love of human companionship. And that is just the start of the great adventure of owning a Siberian kitten.

Experience counts! We have offered the traditional line Siberian kittens through our sister cattery, NightMusic,( for many years and now are pleased to offer our beloved Neva variety Siberian through our second cattery, SnowSymphony. All breeding cats are tested for HCM, PKD1, FeCOV and Leukemia. Cats with herpes and other communicable diseases are not used for breeding. Each kitten is provided a strong health guarantee and lifetime communication is available for any questions or issues that might arise.

Please contact me directly for the availability of kittens. Next blue eyed litters will be available in early 2019. Traditional kittens will be available sooner at our sister cattery.